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Wallpapers are awesome for small bedrooms

Check this wallpaper here!

We all know that bedrooms are much more than the place where we sleep. Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, the place we create to our own pleasure to make us feel welcome each and every night. Having a welcoming place to call yours after a long day at work can make all the difference in the way we feel on a daily basis. So, if your bedroom is not what you want it to be, it’s time to make a change.

Small bedrooms often give a hard time to its owners. The feeling of a small place, added to the difficulty of decorating without occupying much space can really drive someone crazy. Suddenly you realize that your place is blank and… frankly, boring. So, how can you turn your room into your own sanctuary? The answer is: wallpapers.

Why are wallpapers awesome for small bedrooms?

First of all, by adding a wallpaper to your walls you can decor your room without using up the already small amount of space. You can change patterns and colors how often you like by wearing removable wallpapers, since they do not damage to your walls and can be easily changed by yourself, without the need of calling a professional. The room can always have your style and be as your mood tells it to be.

If you use them right, wallpapers can make a small bedroom seem much bigger. For that, we have a few advices that may help you.

Check this wallpaper here!

Don’t apply wallpapers on all of the walls

That will make the room seem even smaller. Instead, try applying it in one or two walls. Also, if  using removable wallpapers, you can  use the leftover wallpaper to apply them on strategic places, such as the shelves, drawers , doors and so on. Another option is composing patterns by yourself, You can make letters to compose names and If you have a stronger artistic vein, just imagine what you’ll be able to do. Our only advice is to keep it minimalistic, so it doesn’t give the room a crowded feeling.

Check this wallpaper here!

Colors and patterns

A classic design is always a good choice when it comes to making rooms look bigger. Bright colors combined with simple delicate patterns make it seem cleaner and chic. Dark colors and crowded patterns can give the room a chaotic feeling, making it feel even smaller.

But if you really want to use that dark color you love so much or a certain pattern that you have fallen in love with, don’t panic: after all, this is all about making the room your own. By applying it to only one of the walls you can maintain the bigger vibe and also address many styles. The chic style can also be maintained: for that, we recommend to apply wallpaper to the wall behind your bed. For a modern look, try framing your bed to your preference. Removable wallpaper gives you all the liberty you need to decorate.

Also, using stripes is a good trick: they can give your room extra-height, drawing attention to the ceiling and making it seem larger.


Check this wallpaper here!

Suiting decorations

The same way as the wallpapers must be light colored, the furniture should go on the same line. Avoiding strong colors is essential, giving the preference to a paler set of tones. Don’t be afraid to use glasses and mirrors on furniture surfaces, such as mirrored wardrobes. That’s because reflecting surfaces are the key to increasing the room’s feeling of space.

The storage room can be centered on strategic places: drawers under the bed, organizers inside closets… remember that the space should be as open and free to walk in. If you’re kicking your furniture by accident five times a day, something definitely needs to be changed.

Now, pay attention: white walls are a must have. That will give you more freedom to work with different patterns and extravagant sets of colors in your bedroom. Keep in mind that since the removable wallpapers can be easily changed, your bedroom should always be capable to embrace that change without losing its style. For that, the color white is perfect since it agrees with pretty much anything. The ceiling should also be white. The sense of height and space is increased, while other tones can make your bedroom seem boxed-up. White goes well on the bed linen, too. A feature wall can mix better when the other decorations on the room are simple.

To avoid an all-medical-white sort of feeling, be sure to use other colors and patterns on other decorations, such as cushions and bed blankets. They’ll increase the coziness of the bedroom. You can match them with the feature wall, using the same or complementary colors. Adding simple touches of the same color here and there will certainly draw the eyes around the room.

Boards and portraits can be added but be sure to concentrate them on a small portion of the room. Leave at least one wall free. That’ll help to open up the space.

So, remember

Light colors and minimalistic pale furniture are great tips for small bedrooms. They suit everything, and that’s the best part: your bedroom can have the style you want whenever you want it, since any removable wallpaper will look great in a room like this. The most important thing is to make the room your own.

For other tips like these, be sure to check out our other contents in our blog!

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