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Wall Tile Adhesive – Advantages of a Tile Adhesive

Wall tile adhesive is a cheaper and easier solution to replace old and damaged tiles and require very low maintenance. Prepare yourself to say goodbye to your boring tiles and say hello to a fresh new start.

Here’s the ultimate guide on why and how you should use tile adhesives. Let’s do this!

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1 – They are cheaper and easier than usual tiles

Purchase and install new tiles can be a huge headache. First, you can’t actually do it by yourself because it is a very complicated job – so you’ll have to hire a professional. Then, this will sure make a big mess and will require a great amount of time to get done.

With tile adhesive you don’t have to get anything broken or dirty – you can measure, install and clean it by yourself and be ready just in a few hours. It’s a win/win!

Since you’re here, check out other tips on how to décor your house on a budget and some cheap décor ideas.

2 – Permanent or Temporary Solution for your home décor

Because it is removable it can be left there for years or it can be removed when you move or when you got tired of the design and would like to update. All of this without costing you an extra penny to have to repair the wall for your next project as it would happen with traditional wallpaper or regular tile.

Regardless if you rent or own you want to ensure your family safety while you are there. To have safe materials specially around kitchen it is important. Our removable tile adhesive is made of Fabric Not Vinyl and therefore is PVC- free. Lead-free and VOC free. It is printed with non-toxic inks as well.

3 – Instant update

Since they look like brand new high-level tile, the adhesives are an instant update AND upgrade to your space. They can also give a special touch to places you otherwise wouldn’t pay too much attention to. But more on this later.

For more ideas on how to get a right away classy improvement on your décor, check out this post: 10 tips to create a super fancy home.

4 – Low maintenance

Our tile adhesive is made of fabric not vynil, it can be cleaned just with a damp cloth and warm water. You don’t have to use any special cleaning products.

If you’re not sure on how to find the perfect tile adhesive for you, check out this post where you get some help on how to buy wallpaper online.

5 – Get a focal point

A tile wall can be considered a feature wall – that means a wall that’s pretty and will play as a work of art in your space. Besides, these kinds of walls style up any kitchen or bathroom and give them a focal point. A focal point is very important in any décor because they help you understand the right lighting for the room and set the tone for the vibe you wish the place to have. If you don’t know how to find the focal point of your room here are some tips:

  • Look around the room and find the “biggest” feature. In this case we are talking about a sink, a cabinet or a marble piece. This is usually the main focal point.
  • If the place doesn’t have an interesting feature, identify the biggest piece of furniture. This can be your focal point. This case is perfect to install tile adhesive– they will make the place more sophisticated instantly.
  • The focal point should be the first thing you see when you enter the room. Do the test and go to your room paying attention to what is the first thing you look at.


Check this wallpaper here

1 – Wall

Being the most traditional use for the tile adhesives, standards walls are the perfect place for them – especially areas that are usually overlooked.

There are also a lot of other ways to make your walls more beautiful. Take a look at this post where we show you 7 ways to décor your walls beautifully (incluir link).

2 – Backsplash

Use it in unexpected places.

When you think about tiles, you usually think about your bathroom or kitchen wall – but they can be used on so much more than just that.

The backsplash is the wall area above the sink but below the cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms. It is well-known for being an area that can make a big impact despite its small size and for this reason many adhesives are specifically designed for use on it. Some are even made from materials that are resistant to humidity.

3 – Highlight with borders

Instead of using it as a plain tile, use the adhesives as borders to create focal points around the room. Here are some options:

  • Frame an old mirror and make it look brand new.
  • Highlight some feature of the room to create a focal point – consider sinks and cabinets.
  • Use it to renew old furniture like cabinets and outdated chairs.

4 – Stair Risers

Give a splash of color or texture to your stair risers with a tile adhesive and never let them get boring again. The biggest challenge here will be to find suitable sizes for the area – so we recommend that you go for smaller tiles, the kinds of mosaic ones. You can even make your own color combination or even make a pattern. Use your creativity!

5 – Laundry room

Just like the kitchen and the bathroom, the laundry room is also a place that gets a lot of moist constantly – so tiles are a must for these places. Being usually forgotten for it’s an area that’s not usually seen by other people, we tend to think about the laundry as a non-decorative place. But why not upgrade it a little bit and make the dreadful laundry hours in something a little more pleasant?


Check this wallpaper here!

1 – Cover up

One of the most simple and popular uses for tile adhesive is the cover-up. Place them right on top of a wall if you want to update or to cover a damaged one. Make sure it is a smooth surface and with no infiltrations.

2 – Stay current

Replace outdated patterns, materials or styles. The adhesives help you stay on trend and can be easily replaced for a more current one if wanted.

3 – Explore rich material

One of the best things about the tile adhesive is that you can explore different kinds of materials you otherwise wouldn’t be able to because they are too costly and too difficult to find. The tile adhesive mimics fine materials and fancy up the place instantly.

Take a look at other wall trends for 2018.

Exploring exotic designs and patterns is a great way to take that next step and surprise people with your décor taste. Think about working with various prints like woven, illusionism patterns and 3D graphics.

Another trend that’s coming at full speed is the geometric one. Try the beauty of this minimalistic trend and choose your favorite. Take a look at a few options and transform your home with geometric wallpaper.

Use color therapy and give a little color punch on your décor. Here are some colors that might be interesting for some rooms:

  • Kitchen: Red – increases physical energy and makes you hungry.
  • Bathroom: Violet – Good for your body and mind. Stimulates meditation and self-knowledge.
  • Laundry room: Orange – increases productivity and stimulates your body.

Visit our Guide for Wall Colors for more information about this subject.

6 – Play with size

The adhesives can act a little bit as a jigsaw – you can find different combinations of various sizes and colors. Again, be creative and play with whatever you have at hand.

Start thinking about a color pallet you think would be interesting in your room. Then measure the space and see what kind of pieces you can use. Then just play around and create your own personal pattern.

7 – Go vintage

Vintage tiles are always a perfect way to give a high-end look to your room. Look for baroque or traditional style tiles.

To make your whole house super classy with vintage style check out these vintage wallpaper ideas.


Check this wallpaper here!

This is probably the biggest advantage of the tile adhesive – the installation is super easy and it can actually be kind of fun. It only requires a bit of time and patience.

1 – Measure the place you want to stick the tiles. Estimate the area and see how much wallpaper you need. Or simply let our wallpaper calculator do the job.

2 – Always purchase a few extra in case you make mistakes while installing or for eventual need of replacement.

3 – Clean the surface with a clean cloth and make sure it’s dry and free of any kind of dirt.

4 – Apply the adhesive slowly, paying attention if you’re doing it in a straight line.

5 – Don’t forget to check the information provided by the manufacturer about special cares you should have for each tile.

Tiles can dramatically change and enhance the look of your home – they are unique and have a fanciness to them that’s hard to get with any other materials. And now that you know the basics, you can start your quest and get outstanding results with your décor without spending too much.

Now you have more than enough information and ideas to get your style right and save cash with tile adhesives.

Remember to always read the product information about the adhesives you are interested in before you install them to ensure they can be used wherever you’d want them.

Choose among our Tile Adhesive catalog and have fun!

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