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Wall Mural: what is it, installation guide and ideas

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Teletransportation isn’t here yet, that’s true, but there’s another way of transporting yourself to your favorite spot on the planet without leaving home, your office or whatever place you’re in removable wall mural! Murals allow you to turn your walls into huge photographs or amazing drawings!


For these reasons and many others, this item is making its way into homes and businesses all across the world. Check out this ultimate guide about wall murals and decide if that’s what you’re looking for.

What are wall murals?

Wall murals have some advantages when compared to traditional options. For starters, they are temporary and can be reused. As the name implies, they are murals. Therefore, they have the power to create different looking environments in your home, home office space or business.


Abstract patterns are one option that you can choose from. Unlike regular wallpaper, the smaller pieces, when put together, create a significant figure. Pick one that suits the room: a relaxing pattern for a bedroom, something minimalist for an office space, or something cozy for a living room.

Check this wallpaper here!

What’s the difference between wallpapers and wall murals?

Both murals and wallpapers are usually made of the same material, PVC. There are, however, some all-natural options, with 100% fabric composition, like the ones Walls By Me offers. They are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

They also share the benefit of being peel and stick resources that are reusable. Both of them can be removed and hanged againagain and again, depending on the surface you applied on and on whether the installation process was carried out according to the instructions.

While wallpaper is a repeated pattern, Wall murals are photographs divided into panels that will only make sense when all panels are applied. Wallpaper offers different designs, patterns and colors you can play with. On the other hand, wall murals intent to make your wall look like a painting, picture, landscape or drawing.

Check this wallpaper here!


Which wall mural styles are available?

Check this wallpaper here!

There are tons of wall mural models:

Country fields, pristine beaches, exotic landscapes, interesting designs… They all exist! It’s almost impossible for one not to find something that suits their taste.

How does the wall mural installation work?

You can check how the wall mural installation works on our web site, just click here: how to apply Wall Murals


Check this wallpaper here!



Are there any contraindications to applying wall murals?

Wall murals and temporary wallpaper are very similar materials, hence the same contraindications.

Keep in mind that there’s an adhesive that makes the mural stay in place. Consequently, factors that stop it from adhering to the wall should be seen as a yellow light to the use. If one of these situations is the case, you’ll need to be extra careful or even rethink the use of this decor tool:

Your home has infiltration issues

If your walls suffer from humidity, then wallpaper in general, just like wall murals, isn’t for you. That’s because the water will damage it and make it difficult for the glue (or adhesive) to stick. Pay particular attention to walls with windows, or that also face a humid room, such as the bathroom: they tend to suffer more from infiltration.

You plan on hanging it in steamy rooms with no windows

How do you remove regular wallpaper? By exposing it to heat or steam. That’s why a wall mural isn’t the best choice for steamy rooms that have no windows: the lack of ventilation is likely to damage the adhesive and make it peel off.

The wall you’re planning on hanging it has been freshly painted

Even if it looks dry, fresh paint will take up to a month to cure completely. If you apply a wall mural before this time, you’re likely to see imperfections, such as bubbles. The key is to wait at least one month before hanging a mural on a recently painted wall.

Check this wallpaper here!

Your walls are textured

When you think of a wall mural, you probably picture a nice, smooth look. Therefore, textured surfaces will need some extra preparation before you start the hanging. Spackling compound followed by a layer of paint will do the trick.

If you opt not to remove the texture, keep in mind that you might not get the best outcome: it’s very likely, you’ll see some imperfections, mainly bumps.

Do wall murals have any alternative uses?

The fact that murals have been designed for walls doesn’t mean that this is the only way you can use them.  If you’re looking for something really different, you could turn a wall mural into a ceiling mural. How awesome would it be to look up and see an incredible landscape, a hypnotizing pattern or the stars, just as if you were camping?

They also allow you to create your very own Narnia. How? Easy: just hang it inside of your closet, wardrobe or drawer, and it’s done. Unleash your creativity!

How do I order it?

Measure the surface you’re planning on covering. Then, all you have to do is look for a mural with the right dimensions. Walls By Me has an easy visual featured that helps you understand what mural will best fit your needs. Check it out

Check this wallpaper here!

Where do I get some inspiration on how to use a wall mural?

There are plenty of spaces where hanging a wall mural would be a great idea. Check out some of our ideas to make any room awesome:

Rented homes

The majority of people currently live in rented homes, especially among young adults. Most of their contracts have a clause that prevents them from making significant changes to the rooms, such as changing the colors of the walls.


Since murals are removable, you can hang it and remove it if you ever move out. Depending on the quality and on whether you followed the installation guidelines, you might even be able to reuse it in your new home. If you are planning on do it so make sure you keep the back linen so when you remove it you place the linen back roll up and safely transport your material to new home.

Language schools

When it comes to language schools, wall murals are really useful to create a wanderlust atmosphere. All you need is a wall mural with a world map on it. You can pinpoint cultural attractions related to the languages you teach, or the cities former and current students visited thanks to all the knowledge they acquired from you.

Travel agencies

Check this wallpaper here!

Travelling is all about the feeling. How freeing does it feel to board a plane towards a new destination? Wall murals can bring the same sensation to your travel agency.


Use murals that show exotic beaches, fascinating mega cities or the peace and calm of an island. Finish up the decor with furniture and souvenirs from all over the world to create an authentic melting pot! Andean handcrafts from Peru, paintings from Parisian street artists, Japanese watercolors… Once again, letting your imagination run free is the key!


Wall murals can add a lot of exciting elements to modern kitchens. From those that imitate actual tiles to those with patterns that create a welcoming atmosphere, you won’t fall short of options.


Remember to use the psychology of the colors in your favor: prefer shades of yellow, red and orange, known as the hunger colors.


Use a wall mural to make your bedroom your mini-universe! A children’s bedroom, for example, could have a mural with something they love. It could be a castle, space, a zoo or whatever passion your kid has. Give the final touch to this magical atmosphere by pairing it up with furniture that matches the wall decor.


When it comes to a grown up’s bedroom, the options you could choose are:

Relaxing mural, such as a pattern of light colors or a nature landscape.

Check this wallpaper here!

Home office spaces

Thanks to all the changes on work routines, more and more people have jobs that allow them to fulfill their tasks from home. If that’s your case, it’s really important that the environment you choose as your workspace is designed to boost your productivity and focus.


You can use wall murals in your favor for that! Hang one with light colors that won’t distract you all the time. Murals that imitate impressionist paintings, a picture of fish in the ocean or abstract patterns are great picks. Pair it up with ergonomic furniture and work better than ever!

Check ours Wall Murals here.

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