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Small apartment interior design: top 10 best ideas

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Small apartments are very common nowadays. Moving to one can be a challenge, so you need to make some choices. Perhaps you’ll have to get rid of some of your things, but it is also a moment of renovation.

You will have to evaluate what you really need and what is not really essential to you. By doing this, you are already up to a good start.  The truth is: with proper planning you can unlock the full potential of your new home or give your small apartment a new vibe.

The major difficulty in this situation is to optimize your space.  To help you with that, here are the top 10 design ideas for small apartments:

1 – Avoid large furniture

The larger your furniture is, less space you’ll have, so opt for smaller pieces. An armless couch, smaller table, trading the coffee table for a little chest, bench or even a stool, there are many alternatives. The point is to choose what occupy less of your space.

2 – Optimize your storage

To have a fresh and open space, you have to store all your personal in some way that doesn’t take too much space from your apartment. So, think about each one of your storage spaces, no matter where, and enjoy the most of them. Under the sink is a good example: install small hooks to hang all your cleaning appliances and fix some small shelves for cleaning products.

3 – Choose versatile furniture

If you pretend to buy some furniture, choose those pieces that combine more than one use, like daybeds, table shelves and any kind of convertible furniture. Everything with drawers or storage space will help you a lot.

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4 – Use your “aerial space”

Explore the advantages of hanging things on the walls, leaving your floor free from bulky furniture. You can hang plants, your kitchen appliances, your TV set. Hanging shelves are excellent in saving space, because it maintains your floor free.

5 – Small Decorative Items

For a small apartment, the best option is to choose small decorative items. Little frames to your walls, candles, poufs, or pads are some of the articles you can use for your décor.

6 – Create Separations

If you have at least a medium-size room at home, you can give the impression of double space by creating a separation. But remember to don’t block the light (natural or from lamps), so the best choice is to use a tall light-colored shelf, preferably of glass if you can. This allows you to double the possible uses, like making one side your living room and a dining area on the other.

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7 – Side tables

Another underestimated solution. Side tables are the best alternative for center and coffee tables or nightstands. And they don’t even need to be real tables; stools, benches and wicker chests can do the trick.

8 – Make little rooms count

If you have a small bathroom, you can let your imagination flow. Try using waterproof wallpapers with light floral motifs around the sink and give the bathroom mirror a beautiful frame. Actually, any small room is the right choice to get bold and creative with wallpaper colors and pictures.

9 – Custom built-ins

If your apartment is really small, built-ins are extremely useful because they take almost no space from you. Being custom-made, you can add as many features as possible you think it’s necessary. The disadvantage is that you can never move them, so be sure of the set you will want and if there is space available.

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10 – Build a loft

If your apartment is more than 10 feet tall, you should invest in a wooden loft. They transform any apartment, creating cozy concealed nests for your bed, or a secret home office, or just double your storage space. Even the area below the loft is transformed, becoming more intimate and interesting, especially if you add some lights, a couch and a different tone of wallpaper.

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