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Removable wallpaper’s ultimate guide: benefits, how to apply and how to work it into your décor

Check this wallpaper here!

Easy, trendy and beautiful. Yes, you can get all of it in one single piece of décor with removable wallpaper.

It’s perfect for everyone who’s not the overly attached kind of person and enjoys doing some easy renovations every now and then. Why is that? Well, the name speaks for itself: it’s entirely removable. Instead of spreading glue on your precious wall, you simply peel and stick  to hang it, as if you were putting a stamp on an envelope.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the process, its benefits, how to find the best wallpaper and, finally, how to hang it. Sleeves up, let’s go!

Why opt for the removable wallpaper?

Removable wallpaper is a great décor solution for some people. Here we number a few of the many situations where it’s a great fit:

You live in a rented home

No doubt: more and more people live in rented homes. Millennials are starting to move out and, unlike their parents, they’re not really into setting roots in one place. They’d rather have the world as their backyard!

The one problem with it is that contract limitations often get in the way of making your home look like you: no nails on the walls, no painting, no kitchen and bathroom tiles customizing, no heavy furniture that might damage the floors… The list goes on and on!

We introduce you to your savior: removable wallpapers! Thanks to the lack of permanent glue, you can put it on and remove it afterward, when you move out. No worries, just rip it off. Stress-free!

Check this wallpaper here!

Are you considering having children in the near future?

Just got married, moved into a lovely home, don’t have children, but want to in the near future? Removable wallpaper can spare you a lot of work, stress and money.

Let’s say you have an empty bedroom in your house. Since there are no children in the picture, you decide to turn it into a study. If you opt for the temporary kind of wallpaper, changing the décor when the babies come will be a piece of cake.

You’re about to have children

Then you’re probably thinking of the nursery’s decoration, right? Once again, the temporary wallpaper is the right pick. Here’s why: your precious baby will look tiny when it’s born, but, eventually, he or she will grow into a toddler, and then, into a child. When this happens, you’ll probably have to do some renovations to turn the nursery into an actual bedroom.

If you hang removable paper on the walls when decorating the nursery, you can easily replace it later keeping it your décor up to date accordingly to age. When the time comes, you could even get your kid involved and turn it into some quality family time!

Also, if you plan on hanging it in a nursery or children’s bedroom, you should prefer PVC- free wallpapers. Walls By Me offers removable fabric wallpaper that is PVC-free, Lead-free and VOC-free. Printed with non-toxic inks it is safe to your family and the environment.

Check this wallpaper here!

You’re hosting a thematic event at home

Birthdays, engagements, weddings, holidays… Every special occasion is an opportunity to gather friends and loved ones! Making it thematic is definitely a plus – and, once again, removable wallpaper can be a big life savior.

Let’s say that you’re having a Christmas or Thanksgiving party at home, and you’d love to have a thematic décor to go with the gathering. This décor tool will do the trick: pick one that resembles the holidays, hang it somewhere strategic (close to the food table, for example) and watch as everyone is amazed by the atmosphere! After the party is over you if you keep the back liner you can glue back the wallpaper and reuse it!

Same goes for thematic birthday parties: the removable wallpaper can be pretty useful for customizing the space and creating a unique atmosphere. Just pick one that matches the colors from the décor, and you’ll be just fine!

Check this wallpaper here!

Democratic, right? As you can see, pretty much anyone can benefit from the removable wallpaper.

Awesome! So how do I choose a model that suits my home?

You can use regular decoration guidelines to choose your removable wallpaper. Check it out:

How do I pick a color?

Remember this décor 101 lesson: dark colors are really posh, but make the room look smaller. On the other hand, lighter shades will make it look larger. So, if you have little space, the latter will probably be the best option.

If you don’t have a lot of space, but having a house entirely on neutral colors doesn’t seem appealing, you can have one wall in a brighter tone. Try to make it the very first one you see when you enter i. It might actually make the room look more spacious.

How do I pick a pattern?

Likewise happens to colors there’s a relation between patterns and how big a room feels. It goes like this: the larger the figures, the less spacious it feels.

Regardless of how much space you have, when it comes to patterns, you should always look out for too many elements of your décor. It’s not a good idea to have a checked couch if you have polka dotted walls!

Check this wallpaper here!

What’s trendy right now?

If you have been keeping an eye on décor trends, you’ll see that the world has a crush on vintage things. So, if you’re a vibrant colors lover, good news: you have a free pass to throw them into a décor and see your home become a retro wonderland!

Don’t worry about finding a tone that is the perfect match for your couch, carpet or curtains, you’re allowed to mix!

Of course, if you like a more basic style, it’s best to avoid too much contrast. Perhaps use different shades of the same color on your décor.

But, if you’d rather play safe, don’t forget the golden 80/20 rule: Every space needs 80% of neutral colors and 20% of something more eye-catching. Usually, one colorful wall will do the trick.

I love it! But how do I hang it?

Fortunately, you don’t have to call a handyman to hang your removable wallpaper. Follow these steps to apply removable wallpaper and do it by yourself, like a pro!

  1. First things first, make sure you have enough material to work with. Measure the walls you’ll be covering and use Walls by Me footage calculator to know exactly how much wallpaper you’ll need.
  2. Remove anything that might tear the wallpaper from the walls (e.g: nails) and fill up the holes with spackling compound. All outlet and switch plates must be out, too.
  3. Use a cloth to clean the wall. This step is very important: otherwise, the wallpaper might not stick to the surface.
  4. Now it’s time to do the actual hanging: Walls by Me wallpapers are peel and stick, removable and repositionable, so do not worry about getting it right the first time. Start on the top of the wall. Pull down approximately 4 to 6 inches of the liner and apply the exposed adhesive area to the surface. Once it’s all right, peel the adhesive another 4 to 6 inches and so on.
  5. If you find any bubbles you can just press them out or peel and re-stick it.
  6. Finished? Time to hang your paintings again and put the outlet plates back on.

See? In a few hours, you’ll have an entirely different looking home!

Check this wallpaper here!

How long will it last?

If hanged the right way, on an appropriate surface, your removable wallpaper will easily last for at least a few years. But, it’s not an exact science: there are plenty of factors that may affect how long it will last. These are the things you should keep an eye on:

  • The type and quality of the paint underneath it;
  • The quality of the wallpaper itself;
  • Whether the paint underneath is texturized;
  • Whether your home has infiltration issues (especially close to the windows);
  • If it’s a regularly steamy room, such as a bathroom or kitchen.If you are looking for a higher quality, long lasting material check it out Walls By Me. All wallpapers are made of fabric not vinyl and therefore do not curl or shrink. Inks are water based and fade resistant.

Can I use it in places other than walls?

If you’re super into DIY, we have good news: temporary wallpaper is useful on plenty of handcrafts. The walls are just the beginning!

Have you ever heard of using regular wallpaper to customize furniture? The temporary one will do the trick just fine! Use it to cover surfaces such as shelves, the inside part of drawers, night tables, etc.

You can also use it on other objects. Have you ever thought of using it to make a different notebook cover for you or the kids? How about a photo album cover? It’s a cheap and fun way of making unique items – not to mention how cool of a holiday present it makes.  If you have a taste for modern décor, you might as well hang it on the ceiling. The process is the same: a ladder is the only extra.

Can I reuse it?

There is nothing stopping you from reusing your temporary wallpaper somewhere else, but you need to save the liner. If the adhesive collects too much dust it may not stick so effectively to the wall. Keep in mind that you need to be extra careful when taking the wallpaper off. Pull it off nice and gently!

Remember: the quality of the material you use, and whether or not you followed all the applying steps correctly, are key to being able to take it down easily.


Check this wallpaper here!

Are there any contraindications for using removable wallpaper?

There aren’t any official contraindications for hanging removable wallpaper. There are, however, a few surfaces where it might not sit well:

  • Walls with strong, textured paint: the wallpaper will not stick to it properly. The larger the contact surface area more it sticks; therefore, strong textured paint walls are not ideal for this material.
  • Matte paint: the glue might have some difficulty adhering to it. Eggshell, satin or semi-gloss paint will give you the best outcomes.
  • Recently painted walls: it can take up to four weeks for the paint to fully cure. If you plan on hanging removable wallpaper, you better wait for it.

Also, remember that the adhesive that makes it stick to the walls is designed to come off when pulled. That means it will do so if something or someone accidentally pulls it. Some factors to keep an eye on are children, hangs and some kinds of furniture.

Finally, removable wallpaper, just like the regular one, will last longer and look better in places with plenty of ventilation. There’s no problem hanging it in kitchens or bathrooms, but make sure you let it catch some fresh air every once in a while.

Check this wallpaper here!

Got it! Anything else I should know?


That’s all! Keep following Walls by Me to get more great content on how to keep your home awesome!Any questions? Contact us or comment bellow. Happy decorating!

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