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Office wallpaper ideas – how to create the right atmosphere to increase productivity at work?

A wallpaper can either break or make a room. For this reason, is very important do the right choice especially for your business office. Every business owner need to ensure that the wallpaper they use support in creating the right atmosphere to increase the productivity at work.

What to do then?

Metalic Triangle Wallpaper
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Bad atmosphere, boring walls and sad ambience will only cause depression amongst employees and workers. No organization wants that for their employee as it does not aid in their satisfaction and retention. Hence, you need to ensure that your wallpapers reflect excitement and vibrant colors to keep your employees and workers motivated. You can choose wallpapers which reflect nature’s rich treasures, bright colors in geometric designs or flowery patterns. This will allow you to keep your employees motivated and will always feel fresh when coming to the office and accomplishing their daily tasks.

What’s to do then?

Yellow and Grey Removable Wallpaper
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If there is something not right in the room in terms of inappropriate sitting arrangements, lightening, or with accessories, they are immediately replaced as they physically affect the outcome of employees. Yet, with wallpapers the psychological impact cannot be measured immediately, the employee slowly starts to feel frustrated. Organizations should invest in a vibrant theme and creative wallpapers which will enhance the look of the entire office abruptly. You can opt for using following few tips for a better work environment:

  • Use bright colors in darker areas of the office.
  • Continuously change wallpapers to keep the environment fresh.
  • Use vibrant colors in the office to keep it fresh.

What are the best color combinations?

The decorating an office has a significant impact on the employee’s productivity  . Colors are one of the most important factors to enhance the employee’s mood. But adding just one color might not just do the job for you. These colors also vary in accordance to the type of work employees perform at the office, however, there are certain colors which helps increase productivity.  See the following ideas in order to identify best combinations for your office:

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Blue has been universally known as the most soothing and calm color. This color help the employee to focus and remain calm while accomplishing a certain organizational task. You can even paint the entire office blue and then add different colors and textures depending on the department.


Green tends to be more effective for people who often opt to work for long hours. It does not only help in the productivity of employees but at the same time provides an optimistic and creative approach to them. This color aids employees to relate to mother nature and hence they do not even wish to step outside the office as the psychological need for it is adequately met at the office.


Yellow specifically aids in the development of creativity among the employees and hence organizations dealing with creative business solutions should opt for painting and decorating their office around this color.


Red is quite a daring color, however, it can be used in organizations and aid in increasing the productivity. Specifically, it helps when employees are accounted to perform physical tasks in their organizations. It keeps them energetic and willing to go an extra mile to accomplish the task at hand. Red color and designs directly impact upon increasing the heart rate and blood flow of employees and invokes passion amongst them to work even harder.

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