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Kids bedroom wallpaper ideas: different ways to decorate your children’s bedroom

Decorating a kid’s bedroom is always challenging because  you want it to be perfect, but you also want your child to be happy and love their little space.  You know that you are going to change the decoration more often than the rest of the house as long as the child is growing up and changing their taste all the time. That’s why using a removable wallpaper is the best solution. It’s easy to fix it on the wall because it si peel and stick .and ir’s not..new one. Walls By Me wallpaper is made of fabric instead of vinyl making them PVC-free, Lead- Free and VOC-free. They are printed with water based inks harmless to your health and enviroment

So what pattern use to make your child’s bedroom look great and unique? We are going to show you now some ideas.

Animal Print

You can use an animal print kind of pattern, like a giraffe or a tiger, on every wall. Since we are working on a kid’s space, it’s better to use a more settled one with more thin lines and small pattern. It’s also great to use one with some white background, so it’s clean and doesn’t have way too much information, even more than an animal print already has. Then you can combine the rest of the furniture and elements of décor with it by using earthy colors, like brown, green and yellow.

Animal wallpaper decór
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World Traveler

If you love traveling around the world and you want to pass that passion to your kid, you can start doing that by decorating their bedroom. You just need to use a wallpaper with a world map on one of the walls and add some decorative items that remind the idea of traveling on the rest of the room. It’s a nice way of introducing the world to your baby and also make their bedroom look amazing.

Over the moon

To make a starry sky into your kid’s room, you just need to paint the walls with a color that reminds the color of the sky at night, like a dark blue or gray, and use a wallpaper full of stars on the bedroom’s ceiling. It’s going to give the impression that you have an open ceiling and you’re looking directly to the sky. It’s very unusual way of making the room look awesome.

On the forest

You can bring some nature and forest items into your kid’s room, you just need to use some animal wallpaper, with soft colors like yellow, green and baby blue. It’s even better if it contains some little trees, flowers or grass.

Animal wallpaper
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You can use red and white striped wallpaper on the walls to remind of those very traditional tents and put a lot of décor items to complement it, like elephants with hats, seals, clowns and red and white balls. Those are very characteristic things that instantly makes us remember of a circus. You can also use a lot of colors on the furniture, like yellow and dark blue.

Children wallpaper
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These are our tips on how to decorate your kid’s bedroom with wallpaper on a unique way to make it even more special for them.

If you want more ideas on how to make your home look awesome, keep following us. And if you have any questions, contact us by commenting below. Happy decorating!




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