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How to make the best of your Wallpaper border

Border idea decór
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The most amazing thing about Wallpaper Border is that you can use it to make your décor meet your personal style and needs. Imagine you have applied your favorite Wallpaper on your wall, you have positioned your furniture, carpets and all other decorations but you still need to just get that final touch, something more, before you feel your décor is complete. Now that is where your Wallpaper border comes in. Wallpaper border is simply Wallpaper finishing, the border is a staple detail in your inner décor.

But where should you apply the border, and what is the best positioning for each different room of your home? How will you make this Wallpaper border work for you? This is what we will be talking about in this article

Your choice of Border will surely be based on your Wallpaper style. The color, the length and the motif should be complementary to the wall. With Wallpaper borders there are many possibilities of unique style, the place and height where you hang your Border can show your personal touch. The height of your border is normally by the ceiling or it can be chair oriented (as a protection against scratchers or marks caused by back rest) let’s say 32 inches from the floor to the center or border.


You must plan as much as you would with normal wallpaper. Once you decide the proper height for your border, measure as many times as you need to make your hanging perfect. In order to mark the exact place, use a pencil so you can easily erase it later. But keep in mind that the border is usually very thin so make sure your wall is smooth because any imperfections might become apparent

For your living room

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The proper height for the border in your living room will depend on the height of your couch, TV set, chest of drawers and other living room furniture. Hang the border right above the main points of attention; this complement will make it feel organic and well planned. Now here, balance is the key, don’t hide it, but then again do not make it too elaborate or flashy to avoid taking attention from what matters.

In case your living room has a leisure ‘vibe’ to it, then you can choose a more elaborate border. You can position it higher most certainly at eye level. Now this is a strong choice as the décor will always catch people’s attention, and you can eventually get tired of it. Therefore, if you want to do it, then choose motifs that mean a lot to you.


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The bedroom where you sleep is always the star. The height of the border should match your beds’ head point. The dresser or any other chest drawers can guide you to a proper hanging as well. One key thing here is that the height of the border should be the same in the whole room. Any differences will easily be spotted.

Children’s bedroom and playing room

Wallpaper Border
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A well thought wallpaper can stimulate the creativity of your children and the border can be the cherry on top of the cake. The secret here is to position the border at eye level for your kids. Think about how much your child will grow before you have to change the décor in their room.  Try to reach the middle term; there is no problem in hanging the border a little higher than your kids’ actual height as long they can see (and touch, why not?) the pictures. As they grow, the border will become low to their eye view, and they can enjoy and attach themselves to the theme of the wall. When it becomes too low for them, then that will be the perfect time to change the décor.

There will be the time to update your baby’s décor as he grows than you can easily remove and get ready to place your need themed border. It is also important to mention that Walls By Me are PVC-free, Lead-free and VOC-free. Printed with non-toxic inks safe for your family and the environment.

The kitchen

Wallpaper Border
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Beyond giving a thematic and cozy vibe to your kitchen, the right border can become a good ally for your kitchen decor. For this end it is ideal to place it at the exact height of your sink or countertop, also, choose a wider border for your kitchen so that a larger portion of your wall is protected.

The bathroom

Wallpaper Border
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This is a no-brainer; make sure to use your sink as a guide to hang the border on your bathroom walls. Just like the kitchen, the border in the bathroom can serve as a backsplash and that will help you break the tedious ‘vibe’ that this room usually gets. If you use a bathtub, apply the border about 5 inches above so it can be at your eye level when you’re in it. Also remember that the border ideally matches the sink.


Stairs can be in different shapes, sometimes their surface is horizontal, and this can make it a little tricky to hang the border. Just make sure to mark the perfect angle before hanging. In case the stairs have a handrail, use the border to highlight the handrail as this will give a nice touch to your stairs.

To recap, the border can be way more than a simple protection against marks from chairs or just a way to hide the ending of the wallpaper near the ceiling. Borders can be hanged wherever you wish and are a perfect solution for those wanting to enhance their décor but are not ready to go a full wall.  Having this in mind, Walls By Me has made it even simpler for you, as our border requires no additional adhesive, are landlord-friendly. So, let your imagination run free!

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