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How to choose the perfect removable wallpaper for your home

Removable wallpaper is excellent because it’s easy to take off and put a new one on without messing up the entire house. Moreover, you can do it by yourself. Who doesn’t love a little bit of DIY?

Whether you have an empty house to work on, or a house full of furniture, finding out the perfect wallpaper for each space doesn’t need to be that hard. You just need to go through a list of things that are important:

Decide what you want to do with that space

Floral wallpaper
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Do you want your room to feel classic, modern, vintage or rustic? We know it’s hard, but you need to know what you want before you choose the wallpaper for your home. It’s not only the style that matters but also where you are applying the wallpaper. Is it on all four walls, just on one, or on the entire house?

If you want everything covered, you’ll need a simple print that doesn’t end up being too much; but if it’s only one wall, you can go for the most dramatic one if you like it. Yet again, you need to think about the paint you’re going to use on the rest of the walls because your wallpaper choice should  match the wall paint as well.

What is the room going to be used for?

Green and grey wallpaper
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Is the room you’re renovating a place where you intend to bring in all of your friends and have fun? Or is it going to be a space for you to relax? Or maybe study?

Those are questions you need to ask yourself before applying wallpaper. Why? Because wallpaper can influence the mood of the room, so if you’ll use it to work and study, it would be great to find an inspiring print. If it’s in the living room where you are going to have your friends and family around all the time, you can choose one to make the area more fun.

Think about the furniture

To have a harmony in your room, choose a wallpaper that will bring balance to your furniture and wall, furniture is an important aspect that should not be overlooked.

Green and purple wallpaper
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The size of the room should be considered

The size of the room is a crucial thing because you should know how much wallpaper you’ll use. Before you would need to measure all the walls and then multiply the width by height  to figure out how much wallpaper would you need. Now with Walls By Me footage calculator we do all the math for you. Check it out here

brick wallpaper
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 Know what you are putting on your walls

Did you ever tried to remove glue from something? If your answer is yes, then I bet you know the kind of mess you will have after the removing process is finished, but when using removable wallpaper, you won’t need to use glue on your walls.

Blue wallpaper
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Another important fact to note is that Walls By Me offers removable wallpapers that are eco-friendly. What does that mean? It means we are doing our part to try to reduce environmental impact as much . We use the cleanest technology in order to do that. All our wallpaper is printed with water-based inks. There is no hazard labels, no hard air pollutants, it is non-flammable, non-combustible, nickel free and offers odorless prints. Walls By Me wallpapers are not only safe for the planet they are safe for you as well. Made of fabric not vinyl all our materials are  PVC –free, LEAD – Free and VOC –free. You can rest assure your business, home and family are acquiring a high quality, safe and eco-friendly product

The inks are also nontoxic so you can use it in your house without having to worry if it’s going to be bad for your health or your family’s.

hat’s it, you’ve found it!

Diamond wallpaper
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If you remember these tips, we are sure you’ll find the perfect wallpaper for your house. Decorating homes should be fun not stressful, Wallpapers are replaceable, and that’s what makes them so perfect to work with. You can take them off and choose a different one whenever you want.


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