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Home office design: 10 tips to improve productivity

Whether it is  part-time or full time more and more we see home offices become an work option for most people. Some  advantages to have a home office include, no rush hour traffic, comfortable environment, fewer costs for clothing, more time for the family and the ability to be home for the children when they are not at school or to look after aging parents.

However, to have a home office could be tricky. One of the issues many people faced when working from home is to keep up with productivity. There is so much going on in a house that it’s easy to get distracted. So, let us share a few useful tips to increase your motivation and not only get started but perhaps more importantly continue to work and achieve your goal.

1) Designate A Workspace

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It may be tempting to use the kitchen table or to make due with a desk in the corner of your living space, psychologically, it is more conducive to a work ethic to have an enclosed space wholly designed for work. Once you move into this area, your mind shifts into the proper mode for completing tasks. If you are unable to set aside a room, use a room divider or wall unit to block off your office.

2) Reduce Clutter

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Evaluate all your items to determine if they are required on a regular if not daily basis. If you find that you haven’t made use of an object for some time, consider removing or storing that away of eyesight. Try to maintain this organized, clean workspace on a daily basis.

3) Make Color Work for You

Some tones of color meant for sleeping; others are stimulating. Selecting the right tone of color can assist you in being productive. If you are hyperactive and need to calm yourself before you can accomplish anything, then choose colors that are soothing such as a natural green or blue.

Perhaps you do need stimulation to help you think.

Vibrant oranges, yellows, and red may suit your personality more. You may have a favorite color, but it is more important to assess whether the color suits your needs.

4) Consider Textures

Textures can similarly influence your productivity. Certain surfaces enhance the sense of vision and are especially influential for visually creative tasks.

5) Display your achievementes

Probably you have things that you have created that give you pride. These things can remind you of your success, use that to inspire your job. Put these objects in your workspace to motivate you to excel.

6) Maximize the Use of Organizational Tools

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There are a lot of apps that you can use to maximize your production, if you`re looking for something modern, use some apps on a TV screen in the middle of your workspace. Otherwise, if you like something more classic, you can still use calendars or wall clocks.

7) Strive for a Healthy Environment

Including plants in our environments serve many purposes:

  • They will offer a cleaner and safer atmosphere
  • They harmonize the space.
  • They will beautify your home and home office. Some perhaps infuse the air with a wonderful fragrance
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When hanging art, consider your optimal height for viewing. Hang your photos at a height that makes sense for your view sight. Display other significant artifacts so that you can refer to them often, let them become a touchstone of your purpose.

Do you enjoy our tips? If you have more home office productivity ideas, please comment below!



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