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Design ideas to make most out of small spaces

fox wallpaper
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Whether you live in a mansion or a small studio apartment, there are always some small spaces which you cannot decide what to do with, right? Thinking about that we will present some tips to help you to make those small spaces to appear bigger.

 Wallpaper with Bigger Patterns

People often try to use small patterns or wallpapers on small walls, but it eventually can make your room appear smaller. We suggest that you use wallpapers with relatively bigger patterns and even apply wallpapers on your ceilings and play with patterns, color and some wild fixtures to overcome the contained space.

Small Kitchen

 While dealing with smaller spaces, you need to look into design ideas which would would help to increase the room atmosphere by the utilizing vibrant or light colors in accordance with your needs. If you consider the kitchen Which usually is a smaller place , you can place shelves to expose your beautiful glassware creating a harmonious and nice looking space.

Tile adhesive wallpaper
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Small Bedroom and Guest Room

When your bedroom is relatively smaller, which is usually the case with studio apartments you need to be creative to utilize smaller spaces to make the room look bigger and appealing. The tip is to add shelves on the walls with smaller space. Similarly, in the sitting or guest room spaces, the walls can be decorated with shelves to serve many purposes. . These can either act as study table, a trophy case and even a bookshelf. This will occupy less space and provide your room with a glorious sight.

Black and white cat wallpaper
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Utilize the space under the staircases

The area under the staircase has potential to provide you with storage units. This space goes unnoticed, and people often try to place desks of painting over there. However, by adding a storage unit not only do you enhance the look of the space, but at the same time effectively utilize it to overcome your storage space issue. Using a wallpaper like the one above, especially in black and white colors it is another good tip to offer a sense of depth in a place making it look bigger.

Hanging the curtains higher

One of the easiest ways to make your room look bigger is to hang your drapes as high as you can. This is the designers secret to make sure that the ceilings higher and room look significantly more prominent in proportion.

Use smart furniture

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on different furniture’s you should spend a similar amount on a ‘smart’ furniture. For example, you can buy a king size bed with extra storage units underneath it and place your stuff there. This would help your small bedroom look more spacious and would even save your money by spending smartly.


Did you like our tips for small places?  If you have another suggestion, please comment below! ?



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