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Decoration with rustic wallpapers

Check this wallpaper here!

At Walls By Me, there are so many options of color, style, pattern and wallpaper motif to choose from that you will always find the one that suits you. Yes! We know It is not an easy task to pick a Wallpaper to go on your wall, to pick wallpaper that matches your personal style or a style that perhaps is unconventional. That is why we would like to introduce you the rustic theme wallpaper. There is a bold and charming décor style, a style that brings the perfection from imperfection, and that is the rustic wallpaper.

Rustic décor highlights the beauty of materials especially wood and bricks. Besides paying homage to the simplicity of rural areas and distancing from conventional finishes in favor of a simple natural look. Rustic décor is an amazing way to escape from the common ideas for your house.  Rustic wallpaper brings some of the “ranch sensation” to your home with its textures, colors and unique look.

So, here are a few hints on how to make the best out of it.

Reuse and restore

Check this wallpaper here!

The idea here is to incorporate elements that increase the rustic theme in your home, which means to implement more rustic pieces in the decoration. Iron pieces, wicker baskets and even railway sleepers can be reused for an incredible and genuine rustic look.

Wicker baskets are an awesome natural option to store your things without breaking the mood of the room beyond being eco-friendly. As odd as that may sound, railway sleepers are made of strong, treated wood, that you can turn in a lot of beautiful and useful pieces, like benches, shelves and even tables. Even rocks can compose this look, if properly placed!

Rustic Wallpapers hugely complement the antiques you have in your home. An old chair, a chiffonier, a table or coffee table, all work great with the rustic style. And you don’t have to spend money on antiques either; repurpose things you have stored like that old sewing machine you grandmother left, for example.

Seek the balance

Keep in mind that a full-fledged rustic décor might make you home seen darker, so you should combine the wallpapers with light (preferably white) colors while keeping the ceiling in a light tone and the floors in a light tone or wooden.

However, if you would rather leave the wooden color for the ceiling or the floor, make you wallpaper cover section of your walls between white columns, around fireplaces, or use the wallpaper border to separate rustic and clear sections. Speaking of fireplaces, fireplaces match perfectly with this kind of décor, giving it a cozy fell while keeping the strong look of wood and bricks.

Check this wallpaper here!

This balance can also be achieved by the combination of rustic and modern styles. Your furniture, specific sections of the wall, built-ins, and kitchen counter can have a modern look and still be used to work with the rustic. The décor may be strong and natural, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your comfort. Also combining rustic and modern style gives a highly sophisticated effect you might fall in love with.

When it comes to apartments; you don’t need to exclude the possibility of a rustic décor, but there are a few things that are suitable for a condo like wooden beams on the ceiling. In this case, observe the original style of your entire building and your apartment, then plan for your wallpaper accordingly.

Natural textures and themes

If your wallpaper has logs, timbers or other wooden motifs, consider using real rough wood as a means of décor. A small cut log, a cleaned tree branch, even dried leaves under a glass table top all can become beautiful details to increase the natural ambiance of your home. So, make the most of what nature offers you, feeling the textures, colors and patterns that only mother-nature can create!

Check this wallpaper here!

Some may say that a true rustic house is just a rough and hard style, which is grossly untrue. The truth is that your home is your canvas, where you imprint your personal style and grit as you see fit. There is nothing stronger than that; that’s why Walls By Me exists – to give you the décor your heart desires.





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