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10 Best Wallpaper Border idea

Check this wallpaper here!

The fine line between interior design and our emotions is a thematic that has gained awareness in the last decade. Therefore, more researches around this subject has been made by neuroscience to try to prove how this connection is masterful. In this study, for example, published in the Inform Design, shows how the spaciousness and size of our room can impact in the people’s mood.

On one hand we have the wisdom of science to help us to turn our home in the most desirable place in order to enhance our wellbeing. On the other hand, we have our own feeling telling us what make us to feel more comfortable, confident, cheerful and in peace at home.

As a result, there is no boundaries to build the place of our dreams. Our creativity must be free so we can think out the box and try something audacious inside the interior design world. From this perspective, the wallpaper border gains more relevance.This idea could be the final element that you need to personalize your décor at home and to be able to create your own frame in your room, like your own trademark.

Check this wallpaper here!

Introducing Wallpaper border 

The wallpaper border is a trend and it shows that is here to stay. Easy to apply in your preferable room, it creates a charming and unique composition in the most diverse types of environments, creating a special highlight in a specific room.

The use of this feature is increasingly present in homes and is gaining more strength. Nowadays, there are so many different coatings, prints and layouts that can be used to create a decorative border. Furthermore, using this adornment you can play with your room, using the border in the ceiling or in the middle of your wall, turning your place very unique.

Why choosing the wallpaper border?

The main reason is because you can reach a superb visual effect, highlighting the wall of your room that was empty and lifeless. Wallpaper border is a simple and fast solution to add just a touch in your décor if you are not ready to wallpaper an entire wall.

Additionally, if in the future you decide to replace this border for a different print, it is not a difficult process to remove it and apply a fresh one. You are able to apply the border in the ceiling or in the middle of your wall. The effect will be diverse considering the light of your room and your furniture.

Wallpaper border in the main room

Check this wallpaper here!

From classic to  traditional, from simple to sophisticated. You have the full command in your room’s style. If there is rustic furnitures in your room, go for lighter options with flower prints and geometric shapes. For a romantic room, use the borders in the ceiling with fine lines in blue.

If you are thinking: how to create the right harmony in my room? There is one consideration to be aware: always check the colors, prints and patterns with your current furniture. Firstly, plan what room you are wondering to cover and measure the visual effect if is light or heavy.

For example, if you have in your room a geometric style, try to follow the same theme using the border. If your room is already colorful, go for a border with less information. This compensation is important in the moment to decide which one is more suitable for you.

In a small room, go for a wallpaper with a limited palette, for instance the famous white and gold.

Don’t think that is not possible to combine patterns. You can do it! However, remember to match the complementary colors and design. In a large room, take two patterns. One wall with stripes and the other with diamond shape. If you share the same colour palette, the result will be fabulous.

Go for a big and bold pattern wallpaper to create a strong and impressive effect. To keep the look under control, use a bright colour or deep. Check which one goes with your current furniture.

To keep the room neutral and notable, add a textured wallpaper. There are many options of texture available, like feathers, grasscloth, nube and more.

Check this wallpaper here!

To create a unique accent wall in your bedroom, use wallpaper with strong palette, such as red and black. You will be amazed with this result.

An exquisite look requires black! Use a black flower wallpaper to add luxury in your room. There is no limit for your imagination.

Wallpaper in the living room

Your living room is the major point of your house and must be attractive. To create a harmony and a sense of movement in your room, match elements. For example, a colour pattern wallpaper blending a piece of artwork or a sculpture in your living room.

Pop art is an interesting concept to décor your living room. In a white wall, add a border with some pop art elements in this room. Could be pine up, a famous brand or colourful animals.

Pick your favorite colour blending with your furniture and apply an optical illusion wallpaper to create an exquisite living room.


Check this wallpaper here!

Do you have a sophisticated taste? Go for a modern baroque style for an exceptional result.For this style you can add a retro chest of drawers

For a relaxed look, pick stripes in blue, red or the classic black and white. You can also play with shadows and light colors.

A modern wallpaper with animals do not have to be limited just for children. Zebra wallpaper can be remarkable in your living room , the same thing for dogs, cats and birds.

To turn your living room in a very original place, pick a wallpaper with a brick design. There are different types avaliable, choose according to your adorns. Usually the whitewash is easier to match elements than the red brick.

Flowers never goes out of fashion. What about a contemporary floral wallpaper? Yellow, green and blue creates a vibrant and calm atmosphere. Tip: use the cushions with the same palette but stronger.

For smalls living room check this trick: go for horizontal stripes wallpaper and your room will look bigger. Neutral palettes are the best option in this case.

Wallpaper Border in the Baby’s room

When there is a baby on the way, one of the most excited things to plan is about the decor of the baby’s room, you must arrange all your fabulous ideas united to build something exclusive and remarkable.

An important décor tip that could be relevant to compose this room is contrasting elements with complementary colors. If there is a blue wall, contrast with something lighter and subtle.Play with different figures in the border, use clouds that stimulate the sleep moment, stars and small lovely dots.

Check this wallpaper here!

The wall is the mainstream part of the  baby’s room, however, don’t forget to pick flexible furnitures with storage function. Use the same border’s colour to paint some drawers of the changing table, for example.

Choose an artwork décor with function, like a small storage container where you place cotton or any other item. Additionally, you can play with thematics concepts for instance:

  • Nautical line – with a full blue wallpaper in the background, use a border with a light blue, and some pictures to contrast the wall. For example; boats, anchor and all those drawers connected with the sea life. The great gain of this suggestion is that you are capable of using the ceiling border or in the middle of your wall. Both looks fantastic and there are so many possibilities to use.
  • Colourful scenario – a wallpaper with a light green colour is an amazing option for baby’s room. Imagine that you could use figures such as colourful balloons to contrast the green in the background. Using this idea, you also could add blankets and duvets to compose the same room’s harmony.
Check this wallpaper here!
  • Nature composition – with a light yellow wallpaper in the back, use a border with tree elements and nature composition. Usually this idea is likeable even for teenager’s room, because grabs anyone’s attention and transmits happiness and peace. In this setting, you could build a playful environment using colourful chairs and shelves in brown like woods.
  • Customize style – If you have the background in white or blue, you can play with contrast colors in the border. Another element that could be very charming, is using a handwriting skills. to writing down in the border an alphabetic lettering, for example. This idea can be extend for writing down a child’s name in that area, or even a quote that you love and means something to you. The great benefit of this choice, is that you can customize you own border, or even pick one that you like most to add an incredible frame in the room.
  • Garden scenario – with a light pink in the background wallpaper, add a border with delicate roses with different colors like blue and pink. A bookcase in green can provide a balance between the colors and you are able to keep some toys and objects on the shelves. Carpets, duvets and blankets in the same colour or in complementary colors are more than welcome.
  • Classic ideas – colors are always welcome to compose a girl’s room. The right wallpaper in line with your chosen border, will create a cheerful and pleasant room. With a white background, add a border with butterfly and circles in purple. Additionally, you can go for geometric pennant border which is also lovely and delicate to compose this room. In this alternative, use more colors such as green and pink.

Wallpaper border in the kitchen

Check this wallpaper here!
  • Kitchen is also a right place for wallpaper and you can have an awesome result.
  • A floral wallpaper in your kitchen can bring vitality to the area, especially if it is colorful.
  • You also can apply a blue fruits border with red, green and blue tones, blue cups and saucers, coffee mugs, fresh vegetables united in a basket, pots and pans, vintage cutlery and more.
  • The great advantage using wallpaper borders in the kitchen is because this element will define your kitchen space. It means that is possible to provide an independent style to this area and there are many themes to blend with your kitchen.

Wallpaper in the Bathroom? YES!

Check this wallpaper here!
  • The unbeatable advantage in choosing bathroom as your first place to add wallpaper is because it is a smaller place, and you do not have to concern about blending the furniture. It means that is the most suitable place to experimenting new ideas and trends.
  • Yellow is also a powerful colour to décor this area. Yellow or gold brings whimsy improve the visual effect. Tip: in this case, play with your mirror border. It will be nicer if you have a striking frame to compose this décor.
  • Is pink the right colour? Why not? All colors has their own spell, and pink is magic. If is possible, mix pink with gold and you will have an outstanding result. Pink can undoubtedly supply a bright and bold splash of colour. In this scenario, play with the adornments. Pick a stylish bin, an exquisite mirror frame and even a fancy chandelier.
  • Try a nature composition. From flowers to bamboo, this wallpaper can provide a fresh atmosphere and an incomparable feeling. Green, when used in small space, does not appear intrusive or overpowering. Furthermore, looks gorgeous.

Tips, tips and tips!

Even if you felt in love about that wallpaper and your friend unfortunately copied your idea, using the border style you will acquire a distinct frame in your house, with a singular result. In the end, is less likely to have someone stealing your idea!

However, how can you coordinate your current layout with your wallpaper border? The first thing is to match colour thread. For example, imagine that you have a bench or an armchair in a colour apple green in your bedroom. If you go for a floral wallpaper with a light shade in green, the result is common for both.

Solid colors and simple furnitures are an excellent composition, whereas a lot of patterns together can be overwhelming and could cause a visual pollution.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities to decorate your home using wallpaper and wallpaper border. When talking home décor there are endless possibilities while using wallpaper and wallpaper border.

We will be here, always gathering the most delightful content to open your mind and bring fresh ideas for you! keep following us and do not forget to follow us in the social medias.

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