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Baby room wallpaper ideas – 14 inspiring ideas for nursery

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Decorating a nursery is very important but also tricky. You want it to be a healthy and calm environment for your child, but it has to be easy to work with, so you don’t have to change it while your baby grows. By using a removable wallpaper you are able to change the design easily and without damaging your walls. Also when talking about nursery you want to make sure you are using water based inks.

Walls By Me wallpaper is made of fabric instead of vinyl making them PVC-free, Lead- Free and VOC-free. They are printed with water based inks harmless to your health and enviroment.  ( favor colocar um link aqui o safe for kids page)

Here are a few inspiring wallpaper ideas for your baby’s first room.

1 – Color Block

When you think about a nursery room, you always imagine this place soft and colored, but it is possible to use bold colors to give a playful look to the room. These colors grab attention and can be very stimulating for your baby – it might sound a little risky but don’t be afraid! Just try to limit the bright colors in one wall and be creative.

2 – Play safe

There’s no problem in going for the classic. Neutral colors like white and cream are great to work with since they are timeless and look clean and cozy at the same time. Besides they don’t take much to be updated – if you want to give it a nice twist, just bet on colorful accessories or furniture.

3 – Go gender neutral

The traditional pink for girls and blue for boys is really old fashioned. Having a progressist gender-neutral room is great for your kid’s development. Besides, the best part is that you can keep the same décor until he or she becomes a teenager.

Animal wallpaper decór
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4 – Have a feature wall

Having one pretty wall helps bringing the focal point to one place and makes the place look bigger. Apart from that, having a strong color contrast in the room makes it more interesting and more inspiring for your child.

5 – Keep it classic

Investing in classic wallpapers like striped ones is a great idea since it won’t be outdated too quickly and it’s very easy to update when your baby gets older.

6 – Go for grown up colors

Skipping the expected is always a bold move when it comes to home décor and having a nursery with “grown up” colors is a sure success. Go for black or grey for a sophisticated punch in your nursery and make it last a long time, since they are awesome base colors to work with.

Animal wallpaper decór
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7 – Bright and sunny

Yellow is a gender free color that warms up the place and has a great part when it comes to chill the place out. This color is great because it goes with any other colored furniture like white or wooden.

8 – The explorer

Having an outdoor and adventure themed wallpaper is a fun and creative solution for your baby’s décor. This is not only very fashionable, but also very inspiring for when your kid gets a little bit older.

9 – Big flowers

Greenery and nature inspired wallpapers are a big trend for 2018, and why shouldn’t your baby’s room be trendy? Daring, beautiful, oversized and three-dimensional looking flowers will make you fell in love with your décor every day.

Baby wallpaper decór
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10 – Tropical

Why can’t it be summer all year long for your baby? Tropical and warm themed wallpaper promise to keep your place cozy and cheerful for years! Cactus, flamingos and pineapples- bet on the vibrant colors of this nature beauties and have fun.

11 – Sweet and treats

Let’s face it: babies are the cutest things. Why not having sweet little drawings for your sweet little darling?

12 – Get sophisticated

Just because it’s a nursery, doesn’t mean it has to be outdated. Get sophisticated with daring colors and textures, like a marble printed wallpaper or a lavender colored one. Try some of the ideas we gave in this post about the trends for next year.

Baby wallpaper decór
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13 – Dreamland

Another great theme that’s been a hit among the youngsters for the past year it’s the playful land of the unicorns. They are colorful, cute and joyful – just like a baby can be. This gender-neutral theme is light and super easy to keep. You don’t have to think too much about soft combinations– just don’t be afraid of colors and dream on.

14 – Watercolor

Watercolor is a trend that’s been growing a lot in the past year and it still going to be here for a long time. These soft beautiful tones are a perfect match for a nursery since they inspire a calm and smoothing environment.

You can work with solid colors combinations or go for beautiful paintings. You can even mix some of the themes we mentioned here and have them water colored – like soften pink flamingo or a cloudy blue sky.

That’s it! Beautiful and practical ideas to make this moment even more special, and since you’re making your nursery, why not update your own room too? Check out our newest posts here! Cheers.



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