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Apartment interior design ideas: 9 Secrets revealed

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Some people believe that only with a huge investment is possible to decorate a house. However, it is possible to make a big difference in your apartment and avoid spending a lot with interior design and easily turn your place more comfortable and full of personality.

If you have plans to renovate and redecorate your apartment, try to add some creative elements and you will reach awesome results at a low budget. Turn your home into a functional and cozy home with original and personalized solutions that bring comfort and personal satisfaction.

Check below some tips that could be used to let your apartment full of style and personality.

  • Closet makeover

If you are struggling to get more space in your room, or you are tired to look at your old doors wardrobe, this solution is suitable for you. Replace your closet doors with curtains and let your room lighter and more charming. You can save space, use your creativity in your curtains design and also they are affordable to make it. This stylish idea you also can apply in the children’s room or even in your bathroom.

  • Multifunctionality

The best trick to use the area underneath the stairs  it’s to think out of the box, you can build shelves and storage places in that space. Usually apartments with stairs are smaller and you have to be creative to explore new ideas. One more reason to create and use this space in a clever way.


  • Nature Therapy

Bring life to your bedroom building an incredible vertical garden using kitchen rails and some utensil holders or take an old stair to place them. If you want, you can spray paint in the holders and drawn geometric shapes. This outstanding wall garden can easily be build at a low cost. Using nature-patterned wallpaper can be a good idea.

Check this wallpaper here!
  • Be original

To have something unique and exclusive you definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money. Instead of buying expensive lamps to decor and upgrade your apartment layout, use your creativity and build a pipe lamp. Yes, a pipe lamp! Spray in the pipe a gold paint (or any other that you prefer) and grab also a wood spindle pieces. Lay out the pieces on the floor and combine the best shape, according to your space available. Involve the cord through the pieces and then glue all together. You will display your unique piece of art in your house.

  • We are vintage
Check this wallpaper here!

Remember that old luggage gathering dust in your storage? Why not use it to improve your interior design in your apartment? Besides the idea that you can use as a drawer chest and a center table with a piece of glass on top, you also can build shelves with old suitcases. This element can be fully display in your living room and they look extremely original. With your suitcase closed, cut it in the middle and hang it in your wall. You can accommodate books or any decoration adorn.

  • Clever ideas

Pallets are the easiest way to do more with less investment. They are multi-functional, you can play with a wide range of colors, design and shapes. The possibilities to use pallets are endless. You can use pallets to build benches, center tables , rustic selves or even your kitchen binYou can choose the right size, add a lid and paint it. If you want, with the leftover pallets, you can build a pet bed and add a fancy cushion inside.

  • Bright solutions

Do you know that big old spoon that you have stored in the kitchen drawer? Or, if you did thrown it away, you can easily new one in any antiques shop. Use this spoon as a candleholder or a pull handles. You can paint the spoon and glue it in a small piece of wood. Your artwork will be ready to be display in your living room.

  • Open the curtains

That old belt that you have in your last drawer also can be a great tool to upgrade the vibe of your environment. Place it besides your curtain to be used in your bedroom or living room and transform it in a curtain holder. You will instantly let the visual of your curtain much more personalized and original.

  • Leave the message

Get a tray in any market that you usually go, or pick that old one in your house. Trays can be used in an amazing and surprising way. Once you choose you preferable tray, measure the size in the middle and spray a chalkboard paint.Once you done, you can hang it in your kitchen wall as creative way to leave messages or take note of important things.

The possibilities to renovate your apartment from the dark and opaque style to a original and delight appearance depends on you! You can count on us to provide the best tips in our page. Don’t forget to follow us in the social medias and get the newest ideas to renovate your space.

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