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Apartment decorating on a budget: affordable ways to dress up your space with style and personality

Limited budget can’t be an excuse for a decor without charming and style. It’s the perfect opportunity to use all of your creativity, especially with ideas that you can enhance the layout of your home with an affordable investment. Choosing the color palette is maybe the most important point to harmonize all ideas and avoid a messy atmosphere without personality.

Vases and jars

Vases and jars can be versatile and also very decorative in your place. They are a great choice to decorate the house in a cheerful and colorful way. Get a side table and transform into the perfect space to make a composition between pots and glasses jars of different sizes, colors and shapes. The containers can be used to make a traditional flower arrangement and also you can filled in with beads or colored beads and include the flowers together. This is an awesome way to add  classic elements into your décor.

Pasta strainer and bottles

That unused pasta strainer in the kitchen can have a new function. Pick tree pasta strainer and paint it with a spray. Build a composition with them hanging it in the ceiling of your kitchen. The spray color must be with the same color palette that you already have. Play with the cable color to keep the elements in harmony. The same idea can be made with stylish bottles of whiskey or other drinks, but without using spray paint. In this case, keep the original label bottle.

Minimalist style

The minimalist idea is a great choice for low budgets. The décor can be made gradually. Get second hand objects which you can find in different markets, or some accessories with strong personality in an antique shop. Remember that decorating your home is a pleasurable process to be made according to your rhythm.

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Creativity mode on

Your decoration can reveal a lot about your personality. With fine touches you can add elegance and sophistication in the composition of your room, adopting simple adorns such as pictures on the wall and the combination of pillows in different colors, sizes and prints. Additionally, use your center table with old books, candles, and handmade pieces.

Mirrors and Natural Light

This combination is powerful. In a small space, use the mirror to show the illusion of a bigger place. The secret is to pick the right mirror size, placing it in the right location to maximize its decor-uplifting potential. During the day, open the window and make the most of room’s natural light.

Modern Bathroom

Your bathroom could also be modern as any other place of your home. Armchairs, for example, have been used to offer a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The lighting design is also important to reinforce these features. On your bathroom floor and on the walls, use polished concrete. Additionally, pick one wall to place the mirror using geometric covering.

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Of course. Every house needs furniture. But how to do it with a low budget? Is possible to find affordable pieces to compose your furniture. The first step is to invest in a comfortable sofa, an armchair, a rug, a side table and a nice TV set. if your plan is to decorate the kitchen, get a multipurpose table, in case of limit space for counters. Keep your eyes open for those adorns in sale that you can get to improve your home.


Textures and colors 

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Combining textures and colors is not that difficult. There are three steps to be followed for a breathtaking result:

1) Create contrast – combine elements with opposing characteristics, such as: light x dark; organic forms x straight lines; frosted vs glossy vs simple vs elaborated vs lightweight vs heavy vs hard vs soft vs new vs old.

2) Mix Styles – create combinations such as: classic + industrial; urban + rustic.

3) Fidelity to the color palette – it is very important the common language for all elements in your room. However, this doesn’t mean that if the chosen color is blue, everything should be blue. When you restrict the colors of the palette, it is much easier to unify and harmonize the variety of textures, patterns and styles.

After those ideas, you will be able to enlarge the possibilities to renovate your apartment and create a delightful environment. Check our online store and you will find a wide range of items. Keep following us to get a lot of content and be update in how to keep your house an outstanding place.

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