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6 Spectacular ways to decorate your walls beautifully

Red and Blue Chevron Wallpaper
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Decorating (or redecorating) your walls always sounds like a big commitment and just like every big responsibility, you have to be really sure of what you’re doing to not regret later, paying attention to detail is the key when you’re thinking about interior designing. To help, we’re going to show you 7 spectacular ways to decorate your walls.

1 – Personalize projects

Use your own handwriting to create an entirely exclusive piece, you can write your favorite quote or the lyrics of a song you love and give that particular and unique touch to your room. If you don’t really like your handwriting, try new things like embroidery or string art.

2 – Create a Gallery Wall

Having beautiful things around the house is always a great idea, and with these three little steps, you can have the perfect display to show off.

  • Choose art you love: The whole point is to give your place your own personality;
  • Get creative with matting art: This is actually something most people don’t pay much attention, but it can make a big difference;
  • Plan out the frame placement: Do this before you start nailing the walls because this will prevent undesired wholes on your future gallery.
Beige Wallpaper
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3 – Start a collection

This is a perfect option if you like traveling. Make it a new tradition and buy the same little object in every place you visit and display it with pride, like:

  • Vintage plates;
  • Old thimbles;
  • Simple postcards.

4 – Impress your friends with statement wallpaper

White and Green Botanic Wallpaper
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The right wallpaper can be the art itself and set the tone for the rest of your décor. This is a great choice if you want to make changes without a big mess. Bet on the dramatic patterned ones for a contemporary look and on nature-inspired ones to give life to the room.


5 – Split a photo

Large-scale art is an excellent focal point for your place and makes it look wider and beautiful. This kind of display is very posh, raising the bar for the rest of your décor.

If you liked the idea, just follow the steps:

1 – Choose an image you think that will add up to your space, it has to be big and with high quality.

2 – Print it and slip it into pieces, as many as you like.

3 – Frame it and hang it in the right order.

That’s it! A fancy looking DIY.

6 – Mix tiles

Tile Adhesive for Kitchen
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Tiles are very traditional and are a great idea to include them in your home decoration. Mixing different patterns throughout your wall with many colors and textures is a perfect artwork.

You can go to tiles museums or second-hand shops where they sell vintage tiles separately, each from a different decade. It’s entirely legit and full of personality. Some wall papers also simulate tiles and look beautiful.

You can be dramatic or smooth, just think about what represents you and your home and go for it!

If you know another fantastic way to decorate your wall, please comment below. Cheers!

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