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7 Awesome and Cheap Ways to Decorate your Bedroom

The bedroom is so important that you must take a special care when decorating it. A bedroom is your personal space where you can be yourself without the prying eyes of others. Therefore, you must make it very comfortable, beautiful and cozy.

The best thing is that you do not need to spend much money while decorating your bedroom. If you want to achieve a bedroom of your choice on a low budget, check out these awesome and cheap ways to decorate your bedroom.

1 – Create an awesome gallery wall

Wall Art
Check it out this wall art in our website!

There are so many excellent art ideas which you can print from our site. You can select, print, frame and arrange them on your wall.  Walls by Me has a lot of fantastic wall arts with a friendly price for you, check it out in wall arts.

2 – Use a rug

A furry rug will always feel heavenly under your feet after a long day on shoes. Don’t forget to pick a rug that has a matching color to your bedroom paint. The right color of a rug will give a proper blend.

3 – Add lanterns or strung lights

Adding lights to your bedroom will brighten it and also lift your spirits. You can use strung lights, or you can decide to go for lanterns. As you bring the lights, choose good locations like and hung them for a beautiful effect. You can see the lights on the bedroom walls, furniture or on the fixtures. fixtures. Would you like to have the brick wall look as well but do not have the brick? Check wall this brick textured wallpaper at Walls By Me.

4 – Use a gold paint and design your furniture and fixtures

Instead of buying those decorations with golden paintings, spend only $5 on a spray paint and add a touch of gold to your chair legs, table, for that glamorous look.

5 – Hang a beautiful tapestry

Hanging a designed and sizeable tapestry can transform a blank wall into something unique and eye-catching. Pick the right size with a matching color and design, get your push pin and hang the tapestry on the wall.

6 – Use decorated baskets as storage

Visit the dollar store and pick some baskets. Use your spray paint and make them very colorful. After drying, arrange them in your bedroom and enjoy a colorful storage facility.

7 – Add an indoor plant

Get plants like Aloe Vera that is one of the easiest plants to grow and will not cost anything to maintain and place it near your bedroom window. This plant will help you to relax and introduce a touch of nature to your bedroom. Another option to bring nature inside your home is to add a floral wallpaper to your wall. Check out  Walls By Me floral collection


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