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5 DIY Ideas To Make Your Apartment Look Cute

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When you decorate your home, you want it to look as much like you as possible. You want everything to be personalized and be exactly the way you want it to be. And there’s no better way of achieving that result than by doing it by yourself. DIY projects don’t need to be too difficult to look great, you just need to be a bit handy and use all of your creativity to do the work. We assure you that it’s a fun thing to do.

So here are a few ideas of what you can do by yourself for your apartment. Call all of your friends and family to help you and make that work even more fun and special. It’s going to give you some really good memories for your home besides making it look awesome.

Decorate your wall

Decorating your wall is a very easy DIY project to do and it gives a nice touch to that space where you decorate. You can use colorful tape on whatever shape you like and put them on the wall. It can be put on lines, it can be random, on the entire wall or just on a small section. You choose what you think looks the best. You can use picture frames around a fabric with a nice pattern or with a printed phrase that inspires you somehow. Besides that, you can also use a special paint where on your wall so you can write on it with chalk so you can draw, ask your friends to leave some cute message, you can use as a diary to remember what you need to do or just write some song lyrics and phrases that you love. The good thing about that is that you can change it whenever you want, you just need to erase what’s on the wall and do it all over again. It definitely gives a lot of personality to your space.

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You can make your own shelves to use anywhere you want on your apartment. You can use a few boxes of wood to make them. It’s possible to let them as they are, with that natural color of wood and an-even edges, spray paint them with any color that is going to match with the rest of your décor or use a stick-on wallpaper to make it even more cool and make it the statement of the room.  If you don’t want to use the wallpaper on the wood shelves, you can put it on the space on the wall where they are going to be put on, so once it’s hung up it looks like the pattern is part of the back of the shelf. Or if you want to make it even more different, you can use a ladder as a shelf. You can just lean it on the wall and use each step as a shelf, putting plant pots, picture frames and other elements of décor on it.


Pictures with your friends, family and pictures of places where you’ve traveled don’t need to stay hidden on a photo album or on your phone, you can use them to decorate your home. Besides  traditional way, on the frame over the shelf, you can use them on the wall, making a heart or another kind of shape that you like. You can make a tree with all of your pictures or hang them on a string and put it on the wall or under a shelf. To make it even cuter, you can add some lights to it, maybe even hang the pictures on a light string. It cannot get more personalized than that. It’ll look really cute and will make you remember all of the good moments you’ve had when you look at it.


Little décor lamps are also a very easy DIY project to make. You just need to get any can that you were going to throw away make a few holes on it and put a candle or a light inside it to illuminate. An even easier way of doing it is by using a glass pot with a candle or with a string of battery lights inside. It’s a nice project to put on your bedroom and make it cozy while you are watching a movie and wants a bit of mood light to not be on complete dark.


Flowers and plants are really nice to put on your home décor to give a bit of life to the room. But the pot where the plant is put on is also important to make it even nicer. Instead of using a vase that you buy on the store, why not make your own exactly as you’d like it to be? You can use a glass pot, spray paint it with your preferred color, put some glitter or whatever else you like on it and it’s done to be used as your plant pot. You can also paint it with that paint that you can write on with chalk to put the name of the plant or stick a picture to make it even more personal. It’ll make your plant or flower look more awesome than ever in a very easy way.

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As you can see, making a couple of DIY projects to decorate your apartment is not that difficult, anyone can make them whether you have those handcraft skills or not. It’s a nice way of making your home very special with your own touches of personality. And isn’t it nice when a friend comes over, commend a space or object of your house and you can tell that you’ve done it by yourself? It’s a work to be proud of. So, don’t be afraid and go do some work!

If you want to get more content with great ideas of how to decorate your home, keep following us. And if you have any questions, contact us on [email protected] Good luck on your project!


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