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15 Brilliant interior design boards to follow on Pinterest. Go get inspiration for your home decor

Occasionally there are times when you feel the need to redecorate your home, but you just can’t find the inspiration. Everything you have tried seems off.

So how great would it be to find a  place where there are so many ideas that could inspire you to get started on your home décor? You have good news, there is such a place. Pinterest is the best website to find your inspiration. You can look for many decor styles then save the ones you liked the most.

But how do you find the best inspiration for your home sweet home? Here are 15 brilliant interior design boards to follow on Pinterest.

1-Beautiful Living

Check this Wall Mural on website!


Click here and check the beautiful living board!

With almost 97 thousand pins and more than 36 thousand followers, this board has images of both entire spaces and small sections, so you can find creative ideas even for the smallest details. It doesn’t follow any specific style; it just shows you the best pictures of interior designs.

2-Interior Design

Floral wallpaper
Check this Wallpaper on website!

Click here to check interior design board

This board is for people who like more of a girly decoration with a lot of pink, white, gray and gold. It has pictures of different rooms which is great, because that will help you figure out how to make pink work for you in your room. You’ll also find extravagant decor and only a couple of minimalist ones.

3-Interior Spaces – Living Rooms

Green wallpaper
Check this wallpaper on website!

Click here and check the interior spaces living rooms board

If you have a large space to decorate, this is the perfect board for you! It has more than a thousand pins of big living rooms that have been decorated with a lot of charm and sophistication.

4-Bathroom Décor

Check this wall mural on website!


Click here and check the bathroom decór board!

You fool yourself if you still think that bathrooms must be white with nothing else but a shower, a toilet and a sink. Look no further, this board will show you how to decorate your bathroom and make it look like it were taken off a magazine.

5- Verily Dream Home

Floral wallpaper
Check this wallpaper on website!

Click here to check verily dream home board

Do you like everything in your room looking spick and span? This board has more than a thousand pins of different kinds of rooms, spaces and styles from modern to vintage. It’s great for people who like a very clean décor with white walls and furniture.


Black and white lines wallpaper
Check this wallpaper on website!

Click here to check the beautiful house wallpaper board

Have you thought about using wallpaper in your house, but still don’t know which one, or cannot find the right site to check? This board will make it easy for you. It has a lot of wallpaper images nicely set in different rooms, so you are able to see which one you liked the best and how you can match it with the rest of the decor.

7-Vintage Finds

Click here and check the vintage finds board

As the name says, this board is to all the vintage lovers out there. It is no secret that vintage styles are highly sort for, Vintage Finds offers over 122 pins to get inspiration on how to use vintage style on your home.

 8-Amazing Interiors

Blue and Red tropical wallpaper
Check this wallpaper on website!

 Click here and check the amazing interiors board

On this board you will find a bit of everything, if you have little time on your hands and are looking for decoration styles within the snap of the figure, Amazing interiors will get you covered. There are also a few pictures of elements to use on the decor that can be very helpful to anyone who’s looking for some nice objects to put around the house.

9- Small Spaces

Ocean wallpaper
Check this wallpaper on website!

Click here and check the small places board

Perfect for you if you have a small space that you would like to look amazing. Check out how you can make your room more practical, useful and beautiful using every single part of it.

10-Living Rooms

Deer wall art
Check this wall art on website!

Click here and check the living rooms board

Are you looking for sophistication, maybe more information in your living room? In living Rooms Board on Pinterest you will find mixed patterns and lots of colors and elements of decor in one single room. You will also find pins of really sophisticated interior designs to make your living room just as you imagine it to be.

11- Interior Designs // Vital Organs

Click here and check the interior designs / vital organs board

The modern style has been trending for the past couple of years and it’s going to keep trending for a long time. If you like that style, you should follow this Pinterest board to get some ideas for your home. It has almost five thousand pins to help you make your house modern.

12- Home

Grren brick wallpaper
Check this wallpaper on website!

Click here to check home board

This board has a combination of both vintage and modern styles. You will find almost 17 thousand images that will inspire you and make you want to change your home decor right away especially if you like the two styles.

13- Art & Gallery Walls

Click here and check the art gallery walls board

Decorating your walls is definitely a must when you want your home to look cozy and trendy. So, to help you decide how you want your wall to look like, this board offers a lot of ideas on how to combine different pictures on your walls.

14- DIY Home Decor

Concrete wallpaper
Check this wallpaper on website!

Click here and check the DIY home decor board

A lot of people like to do DIY projects because it is cheaper and fun. If you are one of these people, then you should follow this board on Pinterest. It gives ideas on how to make nice objects to decorate your house and how to do a makeover on the ones you already have.

15 – Home Inspiration

Click here and check the home inspiration board

This final board is great for you if you like a modern and clean style, walls covered in white and furniture with a little color here and there. You’ll see a lot of neutral colors mixed with pink, green, blue, yellow, gold and marble that bring class and sophistication.

So there you go, have a good time finding what you desire and We hope that these interior design boards on Pinterest will inspire you and give you some ideas to make your home look awesome regardless if you like a vintage style or a modern one.

Keep following us to get more content on how to make your house gorgeous.



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