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14 décor ideas for your new apartment

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Moving to a new apartment is an excellent opportunity to start fresh in a safe, comfortable and practical home. But sometimes it can be difficult to handle the décor, whether for lack of space, resources or even ideas. Here it goes some tips on how to imagine (and execute) your new apartment decoration.

1 – Know your space well

Before starting your décor, you must understand the space you are working with. Start by making all kinds of measurements and write them down in a simple blueprint. The height and length of your walls, windows, doors and so forth. This can save you time and a lot of trouble when you go shopping for furniture and home appliances.

2 – Planning

As for the great majority of DIY decorations, planning is essential. The point here is to feel what you want for each spot of your apartment. So, use your sketched blueprint and add your ideas and desires, and start trying. There is nothing wrong with letting your imagination fly and creating your décor as it goes;

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3 – Consider your furniture-related needs

This is the right moment to make some considerations; what do you need and want at home, and what is not necessary for you. This helps you to get free of old things that you don’t need, save you some space and open the opportunity for renewal. By doing this, you may also open a lot of space and avoid unnecessary expenses, because you know what you really need in your apartment.

4 – Moving to a fully furnished apartment

In one hand, you have everything ready for you, on the other, you have very little space and opportunity for your personal touch. If you can’t get rid of pieces of furniture belonging to your landlord, there is still hope. The trick is to simply empty each room of the apartment the best you can. If it is impossible due to the lack of space to accommodate the furniture, at least try freeing  one side at a time.

Start placing the furniture the way you had in mind. Experimentation, that’s the way to achieve your décor goals. It is a lot of hard work, but the results are long-lasting, so ask a friend to give you a hand. The pieces that you don’t want or need you can repurpose (more tips ahead about this) or negotiate the removal with your landlord.

5 – Lights

They are essential for your decoration. Proper illumination achieves way more than you imagine, creating cozy spots and making your home seemed alive and spacious. So, try giving each of your planned spots it’s own light treatment by placing lamps and light fixtures. If you can, install dimmers: they can be magical in the right moments.

6 – Wallpapers

You thought about the space, so now focus on your walls. Choose the colors and motifs that best suit your area and personality.

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7 –  Same tone

Color variation is significant, but keeping everything in the same tone makes your rooms seem more together. This is an advantage of wallpapers; you can variate the patterns, pictures and even tones without breaking the flow due to the large array of styles available.

8 – Curtains

Don’t be shy with curtains; use them to their maximum effect. They give an impression of expanding spaces, which is always useful in apartments. Don’t restrain them by the size of your windows; make then hang from the ceiling all the way down to the floor. And make the rails more comprehensive than the window length from corner to corner; it gives you the possibility to tie then in the corner during the day, saving you space.

9 – Mirrors

They are excellent to expand ambiances; they multiply the light, visual space and are always very useful. If you don’t like large mirror walls, use a smaller framed one right above a chest of drawers or example.

10 – Re-purpose old furniture

Your aging or unwanted furniture can be transformed  into new and unexpected new pieces. A bench or stool can be used as a corner table or nightstand; scratched pieces can become new with cloth covers, and so on. You just have to think outside the box.

11 – Balance the forms

An apartment usually gives you a very ‘square’ feel; so, balance them with curves, rectangles, and circles. A round table in the middle of your dining space is an example. Corner tables and corner shelves also help to break the square feel.

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12 – Less is more

If you give the proper attention to each detail of your decoration, you won’t need much. It’s best to keep your space as clean as possible, that’s why you should seek neutral tones for your walls, furniture, and curtains. Glass is fantastic in this point because it doesn’t block light or view. So, glass partitions and tabletops are an excellent décor touch.

13 – Avoid large furniture

The larger your furniture is, less space you’ll have, so favor smaller pieces. An armless couch, smaller table, trading the coffee table for a little chest or stool, there are many alternatives. The point is to choose what occupy less of your space. And everything with drawers or storage space will help a lot saving space. Hanging shelves are also excellent for saving space because you still have your floor free.

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14 – Rugs

They may seem messy and old fashion, but they are actually a beauty treatment for your floor. A rug in the right place makes all the difference, creating a cozy nest wherever you put them: under tables, in front of you couch, under your reading chair.

Making the décor for your condo is an opportunity to let your style arise. And remember, for any of your wallpaper needs, Walls By Me is the place to go.


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