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10 tips to create a super fancy home design


When was the last time you renewed the décor in your place? Are you feeling kind of bored of what you see every day? Here are some tips to help you raise the bar with items worth the investment items and give your house the sophisticated look it deserves.

1 – Hang on!

retro decór
Check this wallpaper on website!

How can you improve your home without the help of a professional? The trick is simple: rely on multiple light sources throughout the room and invest in hanging lamps. On second-hand shops, it’s easy to find retro bulbs that can be easily fixed and renewed.

2 – One color can change it all

Painting just a single wall in the room, you’re trying to renew a handy way to improve the overall vibe. Most of the interior designers say that you have two main choices:

  • Go bold and dramatic, choosing bright and unexpected colors like blood red, deep blue or lime green.
  • Go soft and safe with pastel colors it is ideal for places where you want to relax or concentrate.

This simple change will automatically give a different personality to the place and set the tone for the rest of the decoration. Another great trick is painting or plotting the inside doors black, it will give an expensive look right away without compromising too much. This option is ideal if you have a rental and can’t really make significant changes.


3 – Pillows everywhere

Pillows will really make your room more welcoming, the tip is to play with different patterns or invest in the good old royal-looking white, and you should also know that size does matter here. The secret is choosing larger sized pillows; the ones you can actually rest on. The indicated size is around 22-inch cover stuffed with 24-inch inserts.

4 –  Window Treatments: Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes are very important not just because of the looks, but also for the lighting of the room, which is something that can change the whole vibe. So, don’t forget to treat your windows with some fabric – the most indicated are lined curtains and drapes made of excellent materials like linen and cotton.

5 – Rethinking is the key

Rethinking the finishing of your furniture allows a whole new look to an old shelf or a kitchen cabinet. On flea markets and some thrift stores, you can find some vintages fittings that will give uniqueness to your old stuff.

6 – Accessorize!

The big tip is to invest in the classic gold, because this color is associated with wealth, and it offers a  very sophisticated look.  So accessorize with gold picture frames, gold mirrors, or one of the new, modern gold-legged tables that are showing up in designer showrooms.

7 – Think big

A large artwork on your wall or next to your couch grants a modern art museum vibe to your room. This is a high impact look that creates a focal point to your room.

8 – Don’t forget about the walls!

Grey Bird Wall Decor
Check this wall decor on website!

Wallpaper can be the right artwork itself! You can choose removable wallpaper that you think matches your personality and change it whenever you feel that phase has passed. Fabric removable wallpaper offers the ease of a sticker for installation but not look or fell like one. That way you can have a high-quality product with a great texture yet removable. Not sure about an entire wall? You may want to start with a wallpaper post or a wallpaper mural.

9 – Bet on Textile.

Fresh textile provides your room a cozier and more modern look. Ethnic rugs, colorful seat cushions, wool covers for the couch and/or a textural throw on a chair are some of the best choices.

10 – Make it historical!

Historical, vintage or retro. Having these kinds of items in your home will give a specific credibility that only old pieces can.


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