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10 Cheap home decor ideas

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Changing your home décor doesn’t sound like a budget friendly thing to do and that’s why you always end up leaving it to next month, right?

Now you will have no excuses, we’re going to show you 10 cheap home décor ideas that are instant updates to freshen up your place.

1 – String Art

The string art is a fun DIY that doesn’t take great artsy skills to make and it always looks nice. You can do it on a separate wood frame, or directly to your wall.

A good tip is to print out whatever you want on your wall – a word or a drawing – and nail around the print. This is actually the hardest part of the process.

You just have to choose your strings’ colors and have fun with it. The final result is always a creative and unique piece of art.

2 – Print-out art

You can choose whatever image you like on the internet – just make sure it has high quality to print in a big size. Just like we said before on this post,  big scale images give a fancier and more modern look to your room instantly. instantly. Walls By Me has a great collection of wall art at a very reasonable price. It may be a good trade off if you want to save yourself some time on searching.

You can stick the art directly to your wall with tape or use a colorful frame or even hang it with some string. It all depends on what kind of vibe you want to have in your room.

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3 – Pendent lights

Hanging lamps are cooler looking than the normal ones. They usually warm up the room and make it cozier.

Colored lamps shades can make a bold statement and are full of personality. You can play with different shades of the same color for different rooms or just use a vintage LED lamp with no shade.

The quantity is also important. Try to have several focal points throughout the place and use up to three lamps to each point.

Removable Textured Wallpaper
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4 – Place canvas textured wallpaper on your walls

Place canvas textured wallpaper on your walls.

5 – Practical bookcase

A shelf is not just useful to keep your books organized and at hand, but it can also divide spaces in a room and make it look bigger. Besides, open storage is a way of aesthetically displaying your stuff.

You’ll just need a few wood boxes that you can get from your local supermarket and use your imagination!

It can be colorful, white or just natural wood. Use what fits best in your room.

6 – Multiple wallpaper uses

Use wallpapers not just for the walls, but also for your furniture.

This is a cheap and super easy way to update your old woodwork and make it look amazing. Choose your favorite wallpaper from our portfolio and start the renewing!

Geometric teen wallpaper
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7 – Washi tape

Another great way to decorate your walls is to use washi tape to draw around.

They come in several different colors and patterns, and you can play with all these different possibilities to make a super fresh-looking wall.

And if you don’t like the final result, just take it off and try again!


8 – Chalk wall

A chalk wall has no big secret to make. You’ll need a blank wall, some matte black paint and that’s it!

This is not just a really personal way to decorate your place, but it’s also very practical. You can make notes and reminders or just pretty little drawings. It’s great for home-officers and also great for families with little kids.

9 – Add some charm to your windows

You don’t have to spend big money to have a beautiful framed window. Instead of expensive curtains, you can use a  fabric to update your old shades. Play with different patterns, colors and textures to make it really cool.

And don’t be afraid to be bold! A little color will practically save your white curtains from boredom.

10 – Turn the lights on!

Christmas lights look pretty on your tree in December, but they can be used all year long.

They are very practical and can be used outdoor and indoor. These little lights are perfect for a backyard hang out with your friends or they can be the new headboard for your bed.

The lights make your room look cozier, it’s very easy to install and they are super cheap. It’s a perfect combo!

That’s it! You can have a makeover on your place without emptying your wallet. Just follow these simple points and have fun with it.

And don’t forget to check our other tricks to upgrade your home décor!









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