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10 Beautiful black and white décor ideas

10 Beautiful black and white décor ideas


Just like fashion design, architecture and interior design also have their own tendencies that change quite frequently. Betting on the classics is always the right choice if you want to keep fresh and chic.

Here are 10 Beautiful Black and White Décor Ideas.

1 – Less is more

When a room has personality, it doesn’t really have to be full of things. Working with quality instead of quantity is the best mindset to have.

Black and white are considered the perfect combination because you can play with many different tones and shapes. So don’t be afraid of a black wall or a white floor – they will make your space easier to work with.

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2 – Fifty Shades of Black and White

Some people think that a black and white decoration will limit them to only two colors, but that’s not quite right. Working with different shades of each color can get you endless possibilities to play with visual textures and shapes. These textures and shapes will also make your room look bigger and more modern. Besides, playing with different patterns can give a “black tie feeling” to a small room.

3 – Get artsy

A proper artwork put in the right place can change the whole feeling of the room. It can be a design piece you love, a beautiful graphic rug you always wanted to have, a special edition of a designer shelf on Ikea, or just a vintage lamp you can buy on a flea market. Investing in some of these could make your space fancier and more modern.

4 – An industrial revolution

The industrial vibe is back from the 80’s, and it looks pretty good. Naked brick walls and exposed pipes may sound like an unfinished business, but with the right touch, this will be an innovative and practical hit.

Big lamps, wide windows, and tall mirrors will make up for the absence of color and make people feel welcome. This kind of decoration will make your room more ventilated and brighter.

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5 – Work with nature!

The benefits of having live decoration are endless. According to NASA, some home plants can clean the air from harmful toxins and even energize the room. Besides, woodwork and big beautiful flowers like lilies and bromeliads can improve a sober colorless place look more relaxed and natural.

6 – Go black or white

If you decide to go black or white, don’t forget to save a few features to use the opposite color on.

This is also a cheaper way to upgrade your decor. For example: if your bedroom walls are already all white, you can just use a black duvet over your bed. On the other hand, all black painted rooms can be a good choice for a living room or a TV room with a white rug and white cushions.

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7 – Get personal

Including a poster wall with personal references is a cheap and effective way to give a quick upgrade to your home.  You could hang some old family pictures, a picture of a character from an old movie you love or even a quote you find inspiring.

8 – Go vintage

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You can’t really talk about black and white décor without mentioning the good old days of analogic clocks and vinyl record players. These antiques will give you that kind of familiarity and comfort for your home.

9 – Warm-up

Cozy place it is a good bet for your home, and that doesn’t take big money to be achieved.

Fluffy rugs, big pillows and warm duvets mixed up with the right yellow lighting can be a proper choice to have a relaxing and comfortable time.


10 – Use all the perspective

Color combinations are incredibly useful for creating spaciousness to make a room look bigger or smaller. For instance, black vertical lines on a white wall will give the impression of a larger space and on the otherwise, have an all black and white room can be a way to keep your mind open to new experiences and ideas. Check it out stripes and plaids wallpapers in Walls By Me.

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